Android Wireless Barcode Scanner With Display Handheld PDA Mobile Data Terminal

Android Wireless Barcode Scanner With Display Handheld PDA Mobile Data Terminal

Model No.︰PL-70l

Brand Name︰OEM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 299 / pc

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

Long-lasting Battery life 18W Quick Charge

High Scanning Performance


Comprehensive upgrade

Enterprise-class Android OS + Octa-core CPU, upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0 connection, faster and more stable, lower power consumption, support to connect multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time.


Depth optimization of scanning performance

Equipped with the industry's leading professional 1D/2D scan engine (developed in cooperation with zebra), read all kinds of barcodes and QR codes accurately and quickly, whether it’s defacement, old fading or screen displayed code. The wide range of scanning and scanning distance make the actual work of scanning applications more flexible and faster.


5000mAh Long-lasting Battery 18W Fast Charge

PL-70L handheld computer with 5000mAh capacity in the industry. The equipment perfectly adapt to the requirements of high-intensity data acquisition application, supports the powerful fast charging technology, can quickly replenish power in the working interval, and can be used in all-weather high- intensity continuous work.


Superior protective performance

PL-70L handheld computer is capable of withstanding drop impact and fall resistance tests at a height of 2.0 meters. IP67 protection level ensures effective protection against dust and water immersion environment.


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